Portable Baby Bed Mattress Baby Pillow

Portable Baby Bed Mattress Baby Pillow

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Suitable age: 0-12 months
Size: 55 38 cm/21.65in14.96in
Material: PP cotton + breathable mesh

This baby protective pillow is designed to ensure optimal safety for your baby when they are lying on their back, the sleep pad guarantees an ideal position to make sure your little one can breathe better and reduces the risk of suffocation. The bed mattress has a built-in head support pillow to make sure the pressure is taken off the back of your child's head and help prevent flat head syndrome. The ergonomic shape provides a ideal back position with lifted legs and a smaller space to cradle and soothe baby. The main body is made of memory foam for an optimum comfort, also washable at 30 degrees Celsius. Detachable and adjustable leg bolster to follow baby's growth and keep legs in a natural position.

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This is just too funny

This is just too funny, I sent a friend to me, he is a funny person.

I love this pillow too much, as if my dog has never left me!

I like this pillow very much!!

This is my dog, I like this pillow very much, my dog left me, but this pillow seems to make me feel that it is still by my side.


This is the most beautiful, soft and accurate pillow. Exceeded my expectations. My friend loves his Santa look.

Love it!

Looks perfect and was very soft. My friend loved it as a gift for starting a new job.