Baby Soft Cloth Book


Type: Monkey

Machine Washable

  • machine washable
  • easy to clean

Safe and Soft Materials

  •  100% non-toxic
  • soft plush materials
  • this set of toddler toy books are completely safe for newborns, infants, babies, and children of all ages.

Beep Ball

  • unique design
  • there is a beep ball inside, when baby pinch it, it will make a beep beep sound.

Crinkle Page Makes Fun

  • plastic rustling paper
  • catch baby¨¹s attention

Impressive Story Book

Our cloth books can transform play time into a magical spectacle with happy animals, delicious fruits, lovely friends and colorful letters. Children¨¹s imagination will fly along with all these adorable stories.

Durable Material

No worry about all the pulling, tearing and chewing!

Unique Design

  • triple different fabric and material
  • little books have a big inside.

Quality Control

All of our baby soft books are under our high requirement quality control to make sure even every suture is perfect.

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